Frequently Asked Questions

What types of certifications are available?

The eKnowledgeCenter offers a combined certification of competency in Knowledge Management (CKM) and Knowledge Environment Engineering (CKEE™).  For competency assurance we provide an online exam which is available after completion of the online courses and online or face-to-face workshop.  This exam process distinguishes the eKC Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) training program from all other certification programs available in the market today which usually offer a KM Certification after completion of their seminar or workshop.  We consider these certifications evidence of workshop attendance or completion rather than certifications of competency.

Why become certified?

Continued professional development is a necessity in today's business world.  As more organizations adopt the use of KM methods and practices, the need for qualified KM professionals will continue to grow.  The eKC Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) designations provide assurance to employers of participation in a first-class program based on standards established by the Knowledge Management Certification Board (KMCB)®.

What is the process for getting certified?

To acquire a CKM certification:

  • Browse the eKnowledgeCenter 
  • Register for the course online
  • Receive confirmation and a login for the eLearning center
  • Login to the eLearning site and complete all Core Courses online and required readings 
  • Attend your class or online workshop
  • Schedule for a supervised examination
  • Certifications are issued on the successful completion of certification exam 

What are the requirements to register?

Registration for the certification program is open to anyone.  In the past we have required a BA/BS or sufficient experience.  Contact the eKC with any questions you may have. 

Who created the curriculum?

The curriculum was created by the eKnowledgeCenter based on standards established by the eKC, KMPro, KMCB, and KM professionals worldwide.

Who conducts the program?

The program is conducted by certified KM professionals.

Who is in the program?

Certification participants come from many varied industries -- business consultants, IT professionals, vendors, government agencies, pharmaceutical organizations, human resources, consumer product organizations to name a few.

Is this "just" an e-reading course?

The course program is built into an extremely complicated interactive database driven website that was developed over a 3 year period costing over 1 Million US Dollars.  When people say "elearning course" they usually mean "what you see is what you get".  There is a lot more going on here than "meets the eye." The program includes a variety of online excercises, case studies, interactive workshop, virtual coaching, etc.

What are the face-to-face and online workshops like?

The face-to-face and online workshops immerse students in the "hands on" use of real KM methods and tools.  The workshops are from 24 to 40 hours of instruction and interaction over 3 to 5 days.

What do I get for my time and money?

You gain access to a complete and comprehensive KM educational program, the opportunity to network with other certified knowledge professionals, and the confidence to return to work with a fresh perspective and the knowledge that you will bring added value to your organization.

How do I sign up?

Sign up online now.


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