eKC Workshop Breakdown

Students are required to have completed the general distance learning courses and the prereadings before attending the first day of the face-to-face or Online Seminar class. 

Level 1 Online Seminar Breakdown
Introduction -Knowledge and Innovation Economics

  • Knowledge Commodities
  • Knowledge Industry
  • Intra and interfirm diffusion and transfer of knowledge
  • Knowledge Flows
  • Knowledge Markets
  • Knowledge Production Model
  • Communities of Practice - Practice Markets
  • Using economic measures to find cost benefit for the CEO, CFO, and CIO

Module 1 - Manage and Engineer Knowledge and Innovation Environments 

  • Orientation  
    • Surveying the political and cultural landscape
    • Shared Vision
    • Barrier Analysis
    • Project Charter
  • Analyzing Knowledge Environments Using a Case Study  
      • Ethnographic Analysis
      • Stakeholders, Goals, and Bottom Lines  
        • Metrics  
      • Business Process Analysis
      • Wrapping the KM project around a Business Process  
      • Knowledge Needs/Supply Map
      • Business Process Measures
      • Identifying Actors, Roles, and Knowledge Needs
      • Knowledge Needs Assessment  
      • Knowledge Network Analysis
      • Identifying Potential Communities of Practice 
      • Knowledge Need/Source Quality Analysis  
      • Technology Support Analysis 
      • Physical Space Design Analysis 
      • Storytelling Analysis
      • Taxonomies  
      • Estimating Value-Added 

Module 2 - Designing Knowledge and Innovation Environments 

  • Designing Using a Case Study  
      • Stakeholders and Bottom Lines  
      • Business Process Selection  
      • Knowledge Need Design  
      • Knowledge Needs/Supply Chain Maps 
      • Knowledge Flow Design  
      • Social Network Design
      • Storytelling Design  
      • Knowledge Need/Supply Design  
      • Knowledge Quality Criteria Design  
      • Physical Space Design  
      • Technology Design - Building a Knowledge Portal  
        • Using the Unified Modeling Language  
        • Requirements  
        • Architecture  
        • Database - Knowledge Warehouse 
      • Optimizing the internal and external Knowledge Economy 

Module 3 -  Taking the Training Wheels-Off 

  • Applying Analysis and Design Two Different Types of Organizations Retail Chain and Consulting Firm (For onsites - the team picks a project within their organization)

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