The Certification Program

KM Professional Development Program

The eKnowledgeCenter provides eLearning and face-to-face workshops and materials to prepare for the CKM/CKEE™ certification test. Below is a description of how the eKC KM Certification courses are set up:

  • Description of Objectives - clearly defined and simply stated; indicate what the course will provide

  • Appropriate Objectives - reasonably attainable; achievable; comparable to courses found in higher education institutions; evaluation (exam) based on course objectives; includes the development of skills, application of knowledge, and development of desirable habits and attitudes

  • Up-to-date Instructional Materials - instructional materials reflect current knowledge and practice and sufficiently comprehensive

  • Examinations:  examinations adequately measure mastery of the stated learning objectives

  • Authorship - instructional materials are prepared by qualified, certified and experienced KM professionals; supplemental materials are produced by recognized publishers, and are prepared by professional instructional designers

  • Reading Level - courses are designed to reflect reading level of learners, 12th grade level or above

  • Study Instructions - instructions are provided in this course and specific courses; includes recommended reading, study and pace for the Certification Program

  • Organization of Instructional Materials - instructional materials are designed using sound, psychological principles of adult learning

  • Teaching Devices - the KM Certification program makes use of a variety of instructional aids such as, case application, application exercises and post-tests

  • Illustrations - used intelligently and have educational and/or inspirational value

  • Presentation, Printing and Binding - materials are appropriately presented, legible, and attractive in format

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