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An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change

Nelson & Winter

$24.00 USD

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This book contains the most sustained and serious attack on mainstream, neoclassical economics in more than forty years. Nelson and Winter focus their critique on the basic question of how firms and industries change overtime. They marshal significant objections to the fundamental neoclassical assumptions of profit maximization and market equilibrium, which they find ineffective in the analysis of technological innovation and the dynamics of competition among firms.

The Production and Distribution of Knowledge in the United States

Fritz Machlup

$24.00 USD

This book available at the eKC Bookstore Reprinted for the eKC

"Machlup ranges over a great area of economic life... until one comes away slightly breathless but with an impression of having been on a magnificent guided tour of a major sector of the economy with a delightful and intelligent guide."

Course Texts

The below four texts are used in conjunction with the Level 1 CKM/CKEE training. They can be purchased via the below links:


Things That make Us Smart
Diffusion of Innovations
Working Knowledge
Davenport / Prusak
Participant Observation

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