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Please be advised that the following trademarks are under the ownership of the eKnowledgeCenter, which is now wholly owned by Hudson Associates Consulting, Inc.: "Certified Knowledge Environment Engineer", "CKEE", "Certified Innovation Manager (CIM)"®, "Certified Innovation Manager", "CIM", "Certified Innovation Environment Engineer", "CIEE", "Certified Knowledge Management Engineer", "CKME", "Certified Knowledge Management Technologist", "CKMT", "Knowledge System Engineer", "KSE", "KM Coach"™, "Certified KM Coach (CKMC)"™, "CKMC"™, "Exreme Innovation", "Extreme KM", "Extreme Knowledge Management", "Satisfying Your Knowledge Needs", "Innovating Innovation", "Lab Without Walls", "Knowledge Factory", "Knowledge Management University", "Knowledge Needs/Supply Map", "MetaInnovation", "Global Knowledge Economics Council" and "GKEC."


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