eKC Program Testimonials

Testimonials from Graduates
Here are a few of the many testimonials from satisfied clients....

"Both myself and my company have received great value from the KM training and certification. The training provided me with a much more holistic view of Knowledge Management, as well as specialized models and tools for use in applying KM to my company and my clients. The certification has been a significant aid in gaining entry to new clients and opportunities. This "seal of approval" really does show that we take scientific, quality application of KM very seriously. That's been very important in an environment where most everyone professes to have *the* approach for KM success."

Paul Penny, Chief Technology & Knowledge Officer, Strategic Technologies, Inc.

"The KM Certification Program's Certified Knowledge Manager course introduced a realistic, practical framework for planning and implementing KM projects. While much of what is currently billed by "KM vendors" is technology hype or abstract theory, it was valuable to finally obtain some actionable ideas that could be immediately applied to help identify and solve real knowledge-based business problems."

John Vellardito, Associate Director, Clinical Knowledge Management, Pfizer, Inc.

"...I like the knowledge management course very much and found it very useful in my work. I use the concept and the forms for my analysis, especially for developing new processes. It also helps other people to understand what we do, how we do things and where knowledge resides. I find it a very worthwhile course."

Amy Lo, Manager - Finance, Ontario New Home Warranty Program

"...Your CKM/CKEE™ course has been allot of help to both Lorrie and I. It added credibility to our work and allowed us to form the first KM group that had the only two certified KM people in the company. Now we are the Boeing IDS (Integrated Defense Systems) KM Competency Center and everyone in the Center will be Certified through your course."

Jim Coogan CKM, CKEE™, IDS HB, KM Competency Center Chairman, Boeing KM CoP

"As a Nurse Manager I face knowledge management challenges every day.   Chronic shortage of nurses due to low job satisfaction leads to high turn over.  The knowledge that is lost is staggering.  As nurses move from one setting to another, they take the knowledge and experience with them leaving new nurses struggling to learn a discipline that is mostly on-the-job training.  This results in businesses spending high dollars continually replacing and training new nurses.

Thanks to your course, I have been able to implement the strategies of an effective model of practice and improve the learning and educational environment in my business.  My turnover has decreased and job satisfaction for the nurses has increased.  The lasting benefits are evident in the low call-ins, thus translating into less expenditure.  The course truly paid for itself.  I have also been able to train the new Mentor nurses that are responsible for walking alongside new nurses with this method and keep it perpetuating.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for what your course has brought to our company.  As others implement these proven strategies, may they also experience the financial rewards we have."

Sincerely Appreciated,  

RJ Smith, RN, BSN, CKM, Nurse Consultant, ElderTech Solutions, Bellevue , Wash.

"I cannot tell you how pertinent this course is to my work and what I have attempted to accomplish. I attempted to change a "mindset" in my divisions headquarters for over two years and failed miserably. Even though my information was factual, accurate and passionately presented, it fell on deaf ears and I was typecast as a "trouble-maker". I am currently reading "Diffusion of Innovations" chapter 9.  WOW !!!  I know where I failed. Anyway, I'll be armed better for my next attempt". M.W.

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