KM Articles

Knowledge Unmanagement: Voluntary Partners Create Real Intellectual Capital

By Charles Ehin

Portal, Experts, Team: A Law Firm Creates Extranet 2000

By Wendy L. King

Knowledge Management (KM) Tools In Mobile Networks - Features, Benefits, Challenges and Characteristics

by Peter Hansson

Smaller-sized Companies Also Need Knowledge Management

by Antoinette Hylton

Knowledge Management Program Implementation Tips & Guidelines “A Practitioners Point of View”

by Bob G. Smith

Knowledge Management Issues in the World Trade Organization

by Ratnakar Gedam

Knowledge Management & the Money Language

by Ronald Marks, CPA

Managing the Intangible - Knowledge

by Jason Schloetzer   

EFQM Excellence Model and Knowledge Management Implications

by Dilip Bhatt

Knowledge Management and Nursing Education

by Carole Kenner, DNS, RNC, FAAN 

Why KM for Professional Services Firms? 

by Lisa Florence Wickersham

Can We Can Knowledge?  What, How & Why

by Lisa Somanchi & Jogi Daita

Effective Knowledge-Based Homemade Solutions: The Way Forward for Africa

by Augustes Musana

CIOs and CTOs Have equal Needs In organizations

by Charles Njogu (Elephant)

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